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Dental Cosmetics – Whitening. Veneers.
Fast braces. Gummy smile.

Advanced materials and wider treatment options are available ย today for your confident smile. All options can be discussed in detail to find the most suitable requirements for you.


TEETH can be…

  • Whitened with bleaching for a brighter smile
  • Reshaped and recolored with re-contouring, bonding, ceramic veneers and crowns
  • Repositioned with orthodontic treatment, braces or Invisalign
  • Restored with tooth colored white fillings
  • Reconstructed with crowns
  • Replaced with dentures, bridges or implants

GUMS can be …

  • repositioned to cover over root surface
  • trimmed using soft tissues lasers
  • replaced with grafting techniques

Fact: ย “People take note of your smile the most, those with confident smiles are trusted as leaders”

Clenching your teeth?

Jaw pain and headaches can be resolved.

Help us relax your clenching muscles with Botulinum injections.

Clenching your teeth

Your smile could look like this:

Actual Patient

Gummy Smile Surgery