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Teeth Whitening in Carindale
For A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Are you considering teeth whitening? Our patients love the flexibility our cosmetic whitening treatments provide and are amazed at the results they can achieve. At Carindale Family Dentist, we offer SDI Pola Day Professional Whitening with only 38% peroxide. 


When is teeth whitening recommended?

Teeth whitening is often recommended for aesthetic reasons, particularly for those who want a whiter smile. However, patients need to know that dentists cannot whiten a crown or dental filling after tooth bleaching. The same applies to dentures, veneers and dental implants. So, for this reason, it’s best to go ahead with teeth whitening treatment at our Carindale clinic in first.

How teeth whitening works

Tooth whitening or bleaching, as it’s also known, is a relatively simple cosmetic dental process that utilises hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the main ingredient.

In-chair teeth whitening treatment

This treatment is carried out directly in our Carindale clinic, produces excellent results in less than an hour. The mouth and gums are often protected with a rubber dam, leaving just the teeth exposed. Then our dentist carefully applies the bleaching gel to the enamel on each tooth, leaving it to work its magic while patients relax in our comfortable high-tech dental chair.
The gel penetrates the surface of the enamel, breaking down the stain molecules and lightening them to leave teeth looking cleaner and white. The structure of the tooth enamel remains intact, and all unwanted discolouration has gone. Once the treatment has ended, you’ll be happy to leave our Brisbane clinic with a dazzling smile on your face.

We understand that people like choice, so we offer PolaDay in-chair whitening and PolaDay custom take-home bleaching kits. Which you choose depends on whether you want speedy results or prefer to lighten your teeth gradually in the convenience of your home.

How to help your teeth stay whiter for longer

Following professional teeth whitening treatment, patients should avoid beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine and cola and steer clear of foods like carrots or beetroot that can stain tooth enamel. You should also avoid smoking if you want to keep your beautiful white smile looking that way for longer.

Slight darkening of the teeth in the first couple of weeks after treatment is usual, so patients might want to consider a slightly lighter shade than initially desired.

Combining good oral care with regular dental check-ups and cleans with our dentist will also help your pearly whites stay brighter for longer.

We also advise patients to use our custom take-home whitening kits to top up their whiteness as and when necessary to keep their smile looking healthy and attractive.

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatment in Carindale, Brisbane, there’s never been a better time. We are currently promoting an at-home whitening package (2 custom made whitening trays and 2 PolaDay gels) for a cost of just $280.

Use our online booking service to schedule a tooth whitening appointment with Carindale Family Dentist, and take the first step to a new smile and a new you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does teeth whitening treatment take at home?

Teeth whitening treatment at home using custom whitening trays from our Carindale clinic may take up to 14 days to achieve the desired result. The trays are filled with PolaDay gel and are worn over the teeth for 30 minutes twice a day, or overnight.

Is teeth whitening safe with PolaDay?

Yes, since our Brisbane dentists supervise both cosmetic services. PolaDay also contains a unique combination of ingredients that help reduce tooth sensitivity.