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Partial or Full dentures –ย New, Reline, Repair or Modification

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Denture โ€“ New or Existing we can help!

We can help you :

  • Design and deliver a new partial or full denture
  • Modify , repair, reline an existing denture
  • Replace worn denture teeth, broken clasps

It is important to have your mouth and dentures checked every 6 months.

  • Gummy ridges are under continual change with bone resorption.
  • Wearing an ill-fitting denture can cause problems.
  • Denture reline or adjustment may be required to avoid tissue trauma.

Problems such as :

  • Denture stomatitis
  • Fungal infections
  • Ulcers

Fact: On average 2-6 months is required for adapting to a new denture.

Acrylic, Valplast, or Chrome denture

  • Types of partial dentures
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by Dr Grace Kim

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