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Dentist Near Cannon Hill For Your Family! – Carindale Family Dentist

If you can’t find a dentist in Cannon Hill that meets your family’s dental needs, then why not consider looking a little further afield. Just an 11-minute drive away from Cannon Hill in the Millennium Centre, Carindale, Qld you’ll find Carindale Family Dentist ─ home to general, more complex, and personalised dentistry for people of all ages. Why not schedule an appointment with us today.


Why Choose Us Over a Cannon Hill Dentist?

We have established a highly reputable practice that made positive contributions to the care and maintenance of the oral health of both the local and Korean communities in Cannon Hill and the surrounding suburbs.

How did we achieve this? Through excellence in dental treatment within our modern clinic near Cannon Hill, Qld and team of skilled, reliable dentists taking the forefront in continuously striving for the best for our patients.

We centre our goals on family-integrated treatment, where we cater to the dental needs of you and your loved ones. From kids to adults through to the most senior patients, all are welcome at our clinic in Cannon Hill.

A dentist in Cannon Hill where the focus is on you!

Dental treatment is different for everyone. We have different concerns and certain limitations and expectations that ultimately require different approaches.

To help achieve the results you desire, our Qld dentist will customise and personalise a plan of action according to your needs and their professional recommendations. We have a highly attentive team that will put your comfort first and listen to your concerns.

We have also invested in state-of-the-art dental equipment and utilise the latest techniques and technologies to provide high-quality dental care near Cannon Hill and successful outcomes.

Our caring dental team are committed to continuous education to hone their skills and knowledge to further their experience so you can feel assured that you are in safe and capable hands.

Fortunately, English, Korean, Chinese, and Malaysian are spoken at our dental clinic near Cannon Hill, so a language barrier will never be a hindrance in our quest to provide exceptional dental healthcare.


Full-Service Dental Clinic Near Cannon Hill

Establishing a systematised treatment plan is essential to guarantee a successful outcome. Depending on your case indications, we’re able to provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments and services under one roof, including:

  • General and preventive dentistry for maintenance of teeth and good oral hygiene
  • Cosmetic procedures for the aesthetics of your smile – including veneers and teeth whitening
  • Orthodontics to correct misaligned teeth (children and adults)
  • Kids dental care – From infants to teens
  • Dentures, bridges, crowns and implants to restore or replace missing teeth; and Dental surgery for more complex dental issues

Convenient and affordable dental care such as this may be hard to find in Cannon Hill. 

Our principal dentist, Dr Grace, has made a name in the dental industry by performing advanced treatments, including

  • Decalcified tooth bone graft and autotransplantation – Dr Grace is one of only 10 dentists in all of Australia who can do this treatment
  • Advanced surgical implant procedures including sinus lift, ridge augmentation, and immediate implant placement

Your smile is your best accessory, and we can help make it last for longer. Carindale Family Dentist welcomes new patients from Cannon Hill and we’d love to meet you and your family.

So pick up your phone and call us on (07) 3113 9138 to book your appointment at our Brisbane dental practice. Although we are closed on Sundays and holidays, we can set a time and date that is most convenient for you. Join us from Cannon Hill and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks