We provide bulk billing services for general dental services if you are eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule.
Call (07) 3324 9172 to enquire your eligibility- for children between age 0-17.

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Preventative, Restorations, Nerve Therapy, Crown, Extraction, Space Maintainer, Orthodontic Appliance, Happy gas

Your children are most welcomed at our practice as our team really enjoy treating young patients.
We believe it is most important that children have a smooth introduction to and to build their confidence as part of treatment.
For children shorter, multiple visits are preferable than one lengthy difficult appointment to complete treatment.

All general service:

  • Check up and cleans.
  • Kidโ€™s radiographs intra oral and extra oral x rays.

We check for:
– Proper jaw development, eruption of teeth, occlusion, spacing or crowding
– Airways, swallowing, breathing, sleeping habits, and speech.
– Tongue or lip ties, or diastemas.
– Soft tissue laser & Happy gas available for a more pleasant experience.

  • Early loss of baby teeth can later results in shifting or space issues for adult teeth and a space maintainer may be indicated.
  • Early orthodontic treatment may be required in some cases such as infant trainers, myofunctional appliance, custom fit appliances for jaw expansion and development.

Happy Gas Available

Promoting Better GROWTH

Happy Gas Available

Happy Gas Available

Bulk billing service for Medicare voucher – Child Dental Benefits Schedule up to $1026

Happy Gas Available