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Oral Surgery

Surgical removal of teeth

Wisdom teeth surgery

Auto transplantation of teeth

Endodontic and Periodontal surgery

Cosmetic dental surgery- gummy smile surgery or lip repositioning surgery.

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Having issues with your wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to pericoronitis, either mild to serious gum infections, and swelling of the face.

It is difficult to clean wisdom teeth as it is so far back, and often result in decay from plaque or food impaction. 

Not all wisdom teeth require removal but partially  impacted ones are most problematic and can also affect the adjacent molar tooth. 

We offer:

  • In chair procedure under 
  • Local alAnesthetics
  • Less waiting time
  • No hospital admission time and fees
  • General Anaesthetics not required.
  • Happy gas or oral sedation option available.
  • Review and follow up after surgery

When surgery becomes a necessity, it is important for you to know you are getting the best of modern advanced skills and technology. At Carindale Family Dentist we are well equipped and trained for surgery.

Oral surgery may be indicated for:

  • Removal of impacted teeth or wisdom teeth.
  • Removal of broken roots or cysts.
  • Resolving bone or sinus infections.
  • Implant placement and bone graft procedures.
  • Removal of bone or soft tissue.
  • Repositioning and splinting teeth in cases of trauma.
  • Auto – transplantation of teeth .
  • Endodontic surgery- apicetomy
  • Periodontal surgery- open flap
  • Cosmetic gum surgery- gummy smile or lip repositioning surgery

At Carindale Family Dentist we practice “Safe and Simplified Surgery”.

  • Dr Grace has vast experience in removal of wisdom teeth and advanced dental Implant surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques and experience for optimal results.
  • Reduced postoperative swelling and pain for patients.
  • Use of Piezoelectric device for safe and effective bone surgery that has advantages over other methods for bone cutting.
  • Greater accuracy compared to other drills, burs, or mallets, that can potentially cause more trauma or discomfort at site of surgery.

Piezoelectric bone surgery can be indicated for:

  • Curetting extraction sites or sockets where infection resides.
  • Preparing sites for dental implants.
  • Sinus elevation and ridge splits.

Use of Autologous materials for better and faster healing.

  • With vast choice of materials,  we provide safe, proven biomaterials and autologous options for bone and gum regeneration.
  • Autologous fibrin glue or concentrated growth factors can be used for surgical procedures for faster and better healing and regeneration.

Dr Grace Kim can perform venepuncture, then the blood withdrawn from your arm, can be separated using a centrifuge unit to extract the beneficial growth factors and stem cells that benefit healing and regeneration used for surgery or cosmetic procedures.


Medifuge can deliver:  CGF, Concentrated Growth Factors, (VEGF, PDGF, TGFβ1 and more) platelets, fibrin matrix and CD34+ cells aid  in faster healing and regeneration.