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Cost of Dental Implants in Australia 2023: Pricing and Insurance Guide

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Dental implants have become increasingly popular, with so many individuals realising they’re the perfect replacement for their teeth. The results? They’re none other than impressive! With dental implants, patients get to improve their chewing capabilities, speech and overall confidence.

But nothing’s for free, right? You’ve guessed it!

We’re about to take you on a journey through the world of dental implant costs here in Australia: from all the elements that influence price tags to all the available insurance and financial options, we’ve got it all covered in this piece.

Dental Implants Procedures Cost in Australia, 2023

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In case you’ve been sifting through the Internet to get your hands on the latest information around pricing, here is a breakdown of official 2023/24 rates for some common dental implant procedures when done by dental professionals:

  • The fitting of an implant abutment starts at around $1,088.55.
  • Prosthesis with a metal frame attached to implants (fixed) per arch starts at around $5,747.07.
  • Removal and reattachment of prosthesis fixed to an implant(s) per implant start at around $188.99.
  • A full crown attached to an osseointegrated implant costs around $2,848.86.
  • The surgical implant guide starts at $257.80.
  • Insertion of the first stage of a two-stage endosseous implant per implant starts at $2,334.77.
  • Insertion of a one-stage endosseous implant per implant (including the cost of hardware) starts at $2,817.48.
  • Second-stage surgery of two-stage endosseous implant per implant (including the cost of hardware) starts at $482.59.

Note: The range of prices you’ve just seen is an estimated payment rate for each procedure, but the actual cost may vary depending on various factors, which we’re about to discuss.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Dental Implants

As we just said, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much you invest in dental implants; each Australian dollar you pay — or save — may affect the overall quality of your treatment. Here are the factors you should take into consideration to make wiser decisions about your dental implants cost:

Check Number of Implants Required

As you’ve noticed earlier, some of the pricing descriptions include “per implant”, which suggests that getting a single implant done as a replacement for a missing tooth is going to be much cheaper than getting a full-mouth restoration.

Your dentist will assess your specific case and recommend the appropriate number of implants to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Dental Implant Material

It’s just how the world operates: higher quality investment = higher return on investment. So it goes without saying that if you’re paying a few more Australian dollars than someone else, it’s because the material you’re getting for your dental implant is higher in quality than that which the other person is getting, and thus the difference in price.

For example, while traditional titanium implants are durable and biocompatible, some patients can be sensitive to metal in their gums, whereas ceramic implants are natural-looking and don’t cause sensitivity.

So, by now, you should’ve inferred that ceramic implants should cost more simply because they have more to offer.

3. Additional Procedures

Imagine you go to the dentist to get a dental implant — only to find out that you have to treat your gum or bone first, whereas your friend comes to you to tell you they could get their dental implants done right away.

“Why would that happen?” — Good question.

Some patients might have issues with their dental implants. Hence, it’s your dentist’s job to ensure a safe and smooth treatment — after all, prevention is better than cure. But again, someone who has an additional safety procedure will have an additional cost.

4. Location of the Dental Practice

The geographical location of the dental practice you’re heading to can also influence the cost of dental implants. Dental fees can vary between cities and regions in Australia.

As you know, major metropolitan areas often have higher living and operating costs, which naturally translates to slightly higher dental fees.

5. Dental Insurance Benefits

Having a dental insurance plan that backs you up will surely save you additional money than another patient who doesn’t have one. Before going about your procedure, be sure to know how much you can get for your dental implant coverage.

6. Material for Restorations

In addition to the implant itself, the type of restoration used can affect the cost. Restorations can range from single crowns to bridges or implant-supported dentures. The material used for these restorations, such as porcelain or acrylic, can also impact the overall cost.

7. Dentist’s Experience

Your dentist’s expertise and experience can (and will) influence the cost. Experienced implant dental practitioners may charge higher fees for their services due to their top-tier skills and knowledge in dental implant placement.

8. Post-Operative Care

Like most medical and health operations, you must go through this transitional phase where your body can recover. Phases like this require thorough care with multiple follow-ups and check-ups to ensure a smooth and seamless experience as you transition back to your normal life. But again, since these are all additional services, they aren’t completely free.

9. Clinic Facilities

The facilities and technology available at the dental clinic can affect the cost. Modern, well-equipped clinics may charge slightly higher fees due to their advanced resources and amenities.

10. Choice of Anaesthesia

The type of anaesthesia used during the dental implant procedure can impact the cost. Local anaesthesia is commonly used and is typically more cost-effective than general anaesthesia — adding to the overall cost, of course.

11. Pre-Treatment Evaluations

Before the implant procedure, your dentist may perform various evaluations, including 3D scans, diagnostic impressions, and comprehensive examinations. These assessments contribute to the overall cost.

Keeping all these factors in mind as you compare between dental services will ensure you a safe, smooth, and satisfying dental implant procedure. Remember, dental implants are a long-term investment in your oral health, as they can protect you from more complicated dental problems. You don’t want to venture to suffer severe repercussions.

Costs According to Types of Dental Implants

Melbourne Dental Implant As we said, dental implants’ costs differ based on the type of dental implant you’re getting. At this point, what you truly need to get into the weeds of your procedure is rough estimations that you can use to build up your overall expectations.

Note: You can check out ADA’s latest biennial dental fees survey. But again, there are no standard price ranges at the moment; everything has its own price, and they all pile up to form your overall service cost.

1. Single Tooth Implant

If you’re missing one tooth, a single-tooth implant is the dental treatment for you. The cost can vary but usually covers the implant, the abutment that connects it to the crown, and the custom-made crown. This package ensures your new tooth blends in naturally.

Money-wise, the price can start at $3,000 — depending, again, on all the factors we discussed — wherein if you’re in QLD, the price of the full crown within that bundle can start at $1,756 if it’s veneered.

2. Multiple Tooth Implants

If you’re missing multiple teeth, multiple-tooth implants may be the ideal choice. The cost depends on the number of teeth being replaced and the type of restoration used. If several adjacent teeth need replacing, an implant-supported bridge can be more cost-effective than individual implants.

As for the typical cost range for multiple tooth implants, you can expect the bundle to start at $5,000. Again, many factors are there behind the scenes — you know the drill.

3. Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full-mouth dental implants are a transformative solution for you if you’re missing all or most of your teeth. The cost can vary significantly based on factors like the number of implants needed, the type of restorations chosen (implant-supported dentures or full arch bridges), and the materials used.

A full mouth implant restoration can start at $20,000.

4. Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures give you the best of both worlds: stable-like implants and removable-like dentures. The cost varies based on all the factors we mentioned earlier, plus the type of denture you’ll go for (i.e., snap-in or fixed).

Price-wise, this procedure can go from $10,000 — if not more; it all depends on your unique teeth.

5. Implant-Supported Bridge

Similar to traditional dental bridges, implant-supported bridges replace multiple missing teeth. The difference is that they are secured to dental implants instead of natural teeth.

Just like the one before, it should go from $10,000 or more. And if you’re in QLD, for example, the cost of a bridge pontic for your dental implant can start at $1,097.

6. Ceramic Dental Implants

We touched upon this point earlier, so we already know that ceramic implants make a better investment for so many individuals who want nothing less than the best (myself included) — thanks to their functional and aesthetic perks.

Based on the latest data available, the price of your ceramic dental implants may start at $4,000 or more per implant.

7. Bone Graft



In cases where patients have insufficient jawbone structure, bone grafting may be necessary to ensure successful implant placement. The cost of bone grafting procedures can vary widely, typically kicking off at $500 per graft.

8. Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is only necessary if the dentist tells you that your sinuses — that are in your upper jaw — are too close. In that case, your procedure’s price may start at $1,500 per sinus.

9. Gum Graft

Gum grafting may be needed to enhance the aesthetics and support of implant-supported restorations. The cost of gum grafts can vary but typically starts at $600 per graft.

10. Full Arch On 4 Dental Implant Cost

The Full Arch Solution, also known as All-On-4 dental implant procedure, is a highly advanced solution for full-mouth restoration. It involves placing four implants in the upper or lower jaw to support a complete arch of prosthetic teeth.

The cost for All 4 dental implants typically starts at $15,000 per arch, depending on factors such as materials and the complexity of the case.

11. Full Arch On 6 Dental Implant Cost

Just like its sister full-mouth restoration procedure, the Full Arch Solution named All-On-6 dental implant uses six implants per arch to secure a full set of replacement teeth.

In terms of your wallet, you’ll find it’s a bit pricier than the All 4, kicking off at around $20,000 (per arch).

While these are approximate estimations for what you may pay, your dentist will give you a detailed breakdown of the costs related to your unique dental implant procedure.

Health Insurance for Dental Implants

Every dental practice is different when it comes to dental insurance. Check out if your dental provider offers dental insurance to cover major dental treatments like dental implants.

Dentists who work with private health insurance providers can save you around $1,000 on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots typically made of biocompatible materials like titanium or ceramic. They’re surgically nestled into your jawbone, acting as a rock-solid base for your new teeth. These new pearly whites might be crowns, bridges, or dentures tailored to what works best for you. Dental implants are a clever mimic of real teeth, giving you a lasting fix for those gaps caused by accidents or teeth troubles such as trauma or tooth decay.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implant surgery is typically performed with local anaesthesia to minimise pain during the procedure. While you may experience some discomfort and mild pain after the surgery, you can usually mitigate it with over-the-counter pain relievers. Overall, dental implants aren’t typically considered a highly painful procedure, and the long-term benefits outweigh any temporary discomfort. Your dentist will provide post-operative care instructions to help you manage any discomfort and ensure a smooth recovery.

Perth Dental Implants How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They’re a long-lasting tooth replacement option, providing a durable and reliable solution for missing teeth. Regular oral hygiene practices and routine dental check-ups can help ensure the longevity of your dental implants.

What are the risks of going overseas for dental implants?

The risks of going overseas for dental implants include potential quality and limited legal recourse, communication barriers, challenges with follow-up care, additional travel expenses, lack of accountability, and infection issues. It’s important to carefully weigh these risks before opting for dental implant treatment abroad and consider consulting with a local dentist for guidance.


Determining the Cost of Dental Implants in Australia

Getting your grip on how much dental implants cost in Australia is just one piece of the puzzle when you’re making your decision. Patients should consider the long-term benefits, emotional impact, and various financial solutions available. With dental implants, you’re finally setting yourself up to restore your normal functionality, plus renewing your confidence.

If you’ve been delaying your dental implants because you couldn’t tell what to expect, now is the time to take action. After all, your situation is never like someone else’s! So be sure to consult a dental professional who can assess your specific needs, discuss financing options, and create a treatment plan tailored to you. Remember, any further delays can lead to bad, complicated consequences.

Feel free to get in touch with us at Carindale Family Dentist, QLD, and our team of experts will help you with your dental implant costs!



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